Rock Maze


Rita started researching and showing interest in health 18 years ago, whilst working full time as a Management Accountant in the film post production industry. She studied Healing Nutrition in the U.K. and that’s when her life choice was to become a vegetarian. Rita wanted to follow her eldest sister’s steps and study reflexology too. In the United Kingdom, you had to have finished a course in body work before commencing Reflexology. She had until then, never received a massage in her life! This is where the love and passion of bodywork started. After moving to Australia in 2005, an upgrade was required from Holistic Massage (Internationally recognised) to then complete her Remedial Massage Diploma at Central Tafe.


Rita's passion lies in helping people to take responsibility for their own health and to understand that we work together as a team or together with complimentary therapies e.g. chiropractor, physiotherapy etc, to help clients to reach the best possible potential that they can, and at the same time, teach, educate and become aware that daily postural habits, previous injuries and stress they have, have a large part to play. Being South African, Rita speaks quite frankly but always from a good place – from the heart. Your wellbeing is her responsibility for the duration of your treatment session and she tends to ask lots of questions to work out where your discomfort etc. stems from.


She loves teaching clients how their daily habits impacts them and why this then has a possible detrimental impact on their body. You and the therapist will work together - as a team, there is no “magic pill” to fix things, but it takes hard work. We as Massage Therapists will be right there with you to hold your hand and don’t encourage co-dependency of any treatment, so be prepared for some hard work!


Structural and emotional wellbeing work synergistically but at the same time, remember that we are still humans, so we should remain kind and patient with ourselves.